Sailing around the world

Since  2007 I have logged 56.000 nautical miles.

I sail/have sailed as Mate/Officer on:

Bark ‘Europa’

Three-masted topsail schooner ‘Oosterschelde’

Two-masted schooner ‘Noorderlicht’

Replica ship ‘Half Moon’

Former steamship ‘Hydrograaf’

Before I have sailed on:

Clipper ‘Stad Amsterdam’

Brig ‘Astrid’

SY Fidelis of London

Skûtsje ‘Gudsekop’

Sailingschool ‘Ûlepanne’

Rate as chief mate/crew:
Ships >40 meter:
€165 per day (10% off for periods longer than 30 days)
Rate as Master:
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